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November 29, 2011

How To Wear Leggings

...After reading the title of this post you must be like- who the hell are YOU to teach ME how to wear leggings.

 But the way people (specially in this country) abuse this simple wardrobe staple is amazing and I just CANNOT take it anymore. Therefore, I must- for the betterment of mankind write this post!

First of all WHEN to wear them. The perfect time is NOW. THIS weather that you`re feeling right this second. Yep. Wear them now. Not in May-June-July when whoever looks at that synthetic fabric sticking to your legs breaks out in sweat. Its just so yucky to see people out in the humidity dressed like that.

Please for the LOVE of all things pretty- DO NOT wear one which is made of a very THIN fabric. Those are known as STOCKINGS.. If Its made of a thin fabric-then it becomes transparent where the body bends.. or when YOU bend. And those parts of your body should be seen ONLY by your man. Shouldn't be exposed like that in public!
Also if you wear leggings which are made of a thicker fabric (bordering on jeggings-but not quite. Some really nice ones are available in ZARA these days) they`ll keep you nice and warm as well!

CHURIDARS are NOT leggings. Hence the two different names you see. Yes yes its very cool, now we get jersey churidars in all the colours under the sun. But they are NOT leggings people. Leggings dont have that extra fabric at the end, on your ankles. The churidar is named so-because of the Churis that gather on the end. PLEASE stop wearing them as leggings. its not INDO-Western and cool okay. Stop fooling yourself. Wear them under nice Kurtas. Thats where they belong!

See how this nice lady is wearing them, with a kurta and the works? Lets take tips from her shall we.

WHAT to wear OVER them.
This is probably THE MOST important aspect of wearing legging.

Wear something that is LONG enough to cover your ASS and short enough to not be a dress. (Of course you can wear it under a dress as well but we`re talking about the kind of tops to wear) It should end somewhere on your mid thigh or above your knees.
LEGGINGS are NOT pants! Just cos you have a pair with fake little pockets doesnt qualify them to be pants! 

I bet you have an ass that gives J.LO a run for her money but PLEASE PLEASE I DO NOT want to see it. Okay. I believe you. Its a nice ass. I dont need to be convinced through visuals.

So unless you are performing on stage and need to wear a nude unitard with rhinestones on it..lets cover that behind.

And while you are trying to cover the BEE-hind, it goes without saying that somehthing should be covering up your va-jay-jay as well!

We`re Indians-We`ve seen enough Camel Toes.

(Dont know what I am talking about? Google it.
DO NOT google it if your are under 18)

Now I was going to talk about the body type which would suit leggings the best but I think I am going to skip that as THAT point might just be a little too politically incorrect-Even for me. I dont want to get killed.

Moving on-

As we all know leggings are a TIGHT and extremely FITTED piece of clothing. That`s why they are also known as Tights. So its best to wear something nice and flowly on top. Like a loose top or a heavy/chunky sweater. If you wear something tight - you might as well wear red underwear on top of your leggings and call yourself wonder woman.

But if you MUST wear a tight top above, make sure its long and layer it with something loose.. Like a Boyfriend Blazer or a chunky knit

Get them in every colour, print and texture as you can! 

And have fun with them!

(While covering your ass--ALWAYS cover your ASS)

                                                                     What do you think?


Later Bitches!


  1. I so agree..I saw a girl in college last year wearing red churidaar and a short top! U can IMAGINE how it looked!

  2. Hahahaha! I was constantly laughing, especially the tight t shirt and superman thing! Hahahaha!

    I totally agree with you!


  3. this is exactly what I think when I spot somebody committing the deadly mix up sin.
    So freaking true :O
    visible ass = die already?

  4. Did you find that picture of woman wearing leggings with a jacket or was that your inspiration??;) What amazes me is that you find people wearing a mishap with loads of confidence!

  5. Haha..LMAO! We sure get our hilarious fashion moments in India!! Nice post!! I couldnt stop giggling in my office!

  6. according to the article i can not wear leggings :/ maybe my booty is good for denims only :P

  7. hilarious post...but a much nedded one for ppl who dun knw how to wear them...n i so agree wid u how can one wear leggings in the heat specially mumbai humidity

    nice post btw..
    Chic Accessorizer

    do check out my blog/fb page

  8. Agree with you on all counts! I cringe every time I see someone wearing leggings with a tight tee shirt and IT DOESN'T LOOK GOOD from any angle! Camel toes, panty lines - it just looks so bad. Unfortunately, I see a lot of it, thanks to girls at college.
    Loved your post!

  9. you sound like a mum of at least 2 teenage kids..haha..but yes, the post was very useful (for people other than me...i already know it all ;) )

  10. @ emm- thats mischa barton i think.Just found it :)

    @Delhi Fashion Blogger- I NEVER said anything abt body type! :O

    Blue- I am NOT a mother of two teenagers. Haha i dont know where ur getting that from but if a mother of two teens speaks like me thats a bloody cool mom then :D

  11. couldn't agree more.. Leggings and short tops aren't the best of friends.. Nice and informative post :)

    Hey it would be so nice if you checked out my 2 new posts. One is about Polka nails and other is a surprise :D

  12. :p i thought you said it in a wink wink way :P

  13. Babes i was googling about leggings these days, so this was much needed information.
    But i have more queries :/

    Should leggings be like the blue one in the last pic, or is it okay if they end at ankles. or are both kinds fine?

    Is there a particular rule of what kinda footwear to wear with leggings? Is it okay to wear heels with them?

  14. who do you think you are dud making such comments

  15. @ anon- not anonymous thats for sure.

  16. Lol. Camel toe! I see it every time I go to the malls and it creeps me out! :D

  17. ''If you wear something tight - you might as well wear red underwear on top of your leggings and call yourself wonder woman''

    hehehe! a very well written post. enjoyed reading it!


  18. Cotton leggings to creep me out. -.- Where can i find printed leggings? :D

  19. Dr. fashionista..such a superb post!!! hilarious..well being a guy I guess I am not suppose to technically laugh about the post.. but yes it was indeed so funny! its rare that fashion and humor meets together and you do it so well!

  20. I can't stop laughing. Honestly. :D

  21. Ak, its not funny.. its so cold out here (-2 deg now) even I have started using thermal leggings.. I guess i had been less worried about the fashion style (till i read your blog!)

  22. Love your sense of humor! And great post :D

  23. Our sentiments exactly! Well written and amusing.
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  24. ILOVE luv love this post of yours!!!
    Absolutely spot on and true!!!!!!!!
    I wish that the ones who really needed to read it read it!!!!

  25. Superb post. Very funny and very well written. And yea.. one of my pet peeves are the women wearing short short leggings with Indian kurtas. makes me wanna cry. :/

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