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November 04, 2012

Whats Up Whats Down, And Everything Round

Whats up!?
  • The five days of fall that we are having here in delhi. I say five, as it will suddenly get very very cold, face freezing - dilli ki sardi.This kinda pleasant weather will probably last another week or so, and THIS is the time my friends when we can wear cute, light cardigans and jackets. Cos soon enough, the delhi cold will bite you in the bum, and the fugly monkey caps will be out!

Whats Down!?
  • One thing I cannot stand this season, specially in Delhi, and more so this year in particular, is the smog/haze/pollution that has got the city looking so god damn grey. 

Even the greenest of trees look drab. I mean the weather is pleasant but it looks so damn shitty. The sun just can`t shine through, despite all its might!
 If it was just cloudy one would be okay with it. But we KNOW its not clouds, its the DAMN pollution!! It`s all around us people. We are breathing it every second! I feel so icky just thinking about it. 

Omg, my chest hurts.

And its going to get worse, thats for sure. With all the crackers, I wont be surprised if Delhi becomes completely BLACK after diwali night.

I just do not get how people can see the condition our city is in, and will STILL go out and buy lakhs worth of crackers and add to the pollution. Does it not pull at their conscience AT ALL, as to what they`re doing to the environment, the city, its people? And these bratty fat kids who have started bursting crackers already. argh. Feel like putting a pataka in their mouth and bursting their fat ass.

  • Another thing that gets to me, when it arrives every damn year - KARVA CHAUT. I mean WHERE do I start, really?
    Who the FUCK thought of this sexist 'tradition'? and where is the god damn scientific proof that by starving a woman for one day, her husband is going to have a long life?
    It`s 2012, come on, let go of these regressive bullshit 'traditions' that do nothing but propagate sexist ideals that are so pathetically rooted in our so called culture.
    A woman must tie rakhi to her brother cos SHE NEEDS PROTECTION.
    Sada Suhagan Raho literally means that may you always be married i.e your husband doesnt die (this was before divorces,fyi) . So even a blessing given to a woman is ACTUALLY for the man. How the HELL does this make any sense?
And all the women of today who claim that they do it only for the gifts and the fact that they get to dress up, I am so sorry but I have not heard of a more shallow and pathetic excuse. I am as obsessed with dressing up and materialistic pleasures of life as any one else, but i`d rather die than indulge in such an act, specially in a country where women are treated like shit. By standing up to such a retarded 'tradition' you will  be helping overthrow one of the most sexist and demeaning 'festival' there is.


And those whose husbands fast as well, I still don`t get the point. Why dont you two instead just spend a day together  like a second anniversary day? Talk. Build your relationship, and ensure the longevity of the relationship and not your own LIFE.

Whats Round?!
(cos there is no POINT to it)
  • I fail to see what the deal is with FALL colours. I have never understood this aspect of fashion forecasting and trends. As much as I like oxblood this season, , why must we shy away from nice bright colours? Why cant we just have both? Maybe us Indians don`t have such a problem with this, but at least in the international scene, I don`t understand the obsession  with dark colours, when everything outside is as dark and dull. Wouldnt you want to counter that with some nice & bright pinks and blues?

Seems like I have complained about A LOT today. So lets revisit some things that are Up.
  • Diwali shopping
  • Diwali Wishlists
  • Diwali decorations and Diya!
  • Diwali melas!


My dog and cat who like taking walks together. How adorable is that?

Tell me whats up,down and round for you these days?



  1. ya KC gets my goat too.....dont understand this fasting shit...coz they are on a diet anyway all the time.....and i felt a personal satisfaction when the moon refused to come out till about 9.hehe....

    1. Hahha that happened? Serves them right

  2. You are the best Ayesha! I like how you take an unbashed stand on all thing. I like it more, 'coz we agree on all things (I hope!).

    ∞ © ∞

  3. Yeah, they get to me too, especially the 'blessings part' The couple is now married, and to the groom, everyone goes "Jeete Raho" and to the bride "Sada Suhagan Raho" ugh!!!!

  4. totally agree to u when it comes to the karva chauth thingie. what is more hilarious is women who aren't punjabi are also doing it these days. starting from ddlj to all stupid hindi films and tv sitcoms have made these women crazzyyy.
    there is nothing like 'fall' in india. we only have 3 seasons here. hilarious are those bloggers who talk about fall outfits.
    p.s new look to the page?? looks cool :)

    1. So silly that pop culture is also supporting and carrying forward this regressive tradition

  5. I am glad you are back! Missed ya.
    And yes. Karwa Chauth or as the young ladies like to call it, 'KC', makes me very angry too.
    Lastly, I got introduced to words like 'Fall' Oxblood' 'OOTD' and I can't help but roll my eyes everytime I read, 'Fall outfit'.
    Good going..

  6. Totally agree with you- the Fall colours resemble the Day-Of-The-Dead. No space for anything bright-in sight! :p

  7. Wow ! Nice post. Totally agree with Karva Chauth thing. Its time Indian ladies look into those matters with some common sense. But Fall - mm , its a season on neutrals and browns. I love layering and dressing up in neutrals <3 Dunno why, may be its because I need a break over all the florals and bright colored dresses that I wore till spring :D It all boil downs to personal opinion though. Keep going ! Nice blog :)

  8. dont even talk about the smogy delhi!! bad!!!!!.....dont feel like getting up and going to office in morning!!!

  9. nice post. well written

  10. i loveeeeee your cat ! Even I wanted a black cat but its really hard to get it in Delhi. Where did you get her from

    1. Hey. i didnt get her from anywhere. Shes a stray who has adopted me :D

  11. Good one :)
    the noise pollution hasnt yet died down :(

  12. Omg..this is the first time i have stopped by at your blog, n i m floored. Love ur brutal honesty. Respect..!

  13. Your cat looks exactly like my cat! And your Sarojini post has inspired me to go there again (I was quite scared of the crowd the first time I went)...but those prices are worth it!

  14. Though a little late in commenting, awesome post ! Esp d karwa chauth pisses me like hell n what I dont get is how seemingly forward urban women also follow these customs religiously . I mean most dont have a voice or opinion on these matters! Glad to know there exist ppl who think like me n feel as strongly as I do..Cheers!

  15. Though a little late in commenting, awesome post ! Esp d karwa chauth pisses me like hell n what I dont get is how seemingly forward urban women also follow these customs religiously . I mean most dont have a voice or opinion on these matters! Glad to know there exist ppl who think like me n feel as strongly as I do..Cheers!



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