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August 08, 2013

Manish Malhotra Delhi Couture Week 2013

Bollywood Khichdi 

Manish Malhotra is the man behind bollywood fashion. Before him, there really was nothing CALLED bollywood fashion. So when you go for a show of his, you have to go see it with a pinch of salt and a lot of bling! Its expected and thats fine.

I have usually liked his bollywood designs in the past, full of colour and chamak but this time it just went all wrong. It was a total bollywood bling khichdi!

 photo DCSManishMalhotra2013_zps58ce49cf.jpg

There was too much happening in most looks. Velvet + lace + Net + zardozi.

 photo IMG_3732_zpsb41c295a.jpg

Ensembles that were plain either on top or on the skirt worked better.

 photo IMG_3761_zpsa1564acd.jpg

 photo DCSManishMalhotra20131_zps3d2cae5e.jpg

 photo DCSManishMalhotra20133_zps6c40ffc4.jpg

There are some pieces I quite liked in the whole collection. But all of them together were really overwhelming at the time of the show. Such as this red stripe embellished anarkali. I am able to appreciate it only now, that I look at the picture. During the show, it was completely lost in between then very heavy chamak dhamak pieces.

 photo IMG_3735_zpsc4bd9a54.jpg

Also I didnt get the use of so much velvet when its not a fabric which is very 'IN' these days. It gave me a very stuffy feeling somehow. I liked pieces without the velvet, as they were any way heavy, the use of velvet just weighed them down even more 

And some pieces were more Sabyasachi than Manish Malhotra, which is quite odd, given their cold rivalry

 photo IMG_3755_zps8d44c447.jpg

 photo IMG_3728_zpsaea5c0a6.jpg

 photo IMG_3736_zpsa864e231.jpg

This was probably my favourite piece in the show, with the Gujrati style sheer tunic, as it had some design element to it, other than just piling on one binged out fabric over the other.
Also the pale pink was a breath of fresh air after the heavy maroons and navy in velvet.

 photo IMG_3762_zps62c4bc36.jpg

Another problem I had with this show was that the aspects of the ensemble that should have been highlighted were not. All the anakali`s had these really pretty pants underneath them with zardozi work on the edge. But the looks were styled in such a way that they were hidden completely!!

Also Christian Louboutin had made all the shoes for this show, and they will be sold under a new line ' Christian Louboutin For Manish Malhotra' and these were some of the most gorgeous Loubs ever. Again not highlighted!

 photo DCSManishMalhotra20132_zpsf878c28f.jpg

I also quite liked the spanish bell sleeve he used, another design element rather than bling.

What was MORE amazing than the clothes was the RUNWAY. It was made like a Maharaja`s living room, with lovely sofa`s and chandeliers. The runway took the cake, while the clothes looked like tiered cake!

 photo IMG_3780_zps64c5b008.jpg

 photo IMG_3779_zps7bdb3950.jpg

 photo IMG_3709_zps9155177c.jpg

Were YOU awestruck by Manish Malhotra`s Couture line or overwhelmed?

 photo IMG_3773_zps9fb6e68a.jpg


  1. As much as I love the embroidery on the clothes, I have to say, the shiny stuff isn't my cup of tea. I can't tell the difference between a designer, 10 Lakh shiny lehenga, and a Sarojini Nagar shiny lehenga.

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  3. Nyc collection..awesome designs..keep up the gud work..

  4. Nyc collection..awesome designs..keep up the gud work..

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