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August 03, 2013

Masaba For Satya Paul Demi Couture, Delhi Couture Week 2013

Mssaba has given some great shows in the past. Actually all her shows, including her latest lipstick (satya paul) and fan print (her own line) have been smashing hits.

So with great grief, I have to say that her demi couture line for Satya Paul was not that great! It seemed quite forced. I didnt see the point of the fashion house, which is best known for prints, doing something like couture. The result was a collection of really poofy tulle skirts and some ensembles that resembled a time when Masaba wasn`t their creative director. The whole 80s/90s vibe that Satya Paul wanted to move away from, peeked through.

Masaba had been posting some pictures, before the show. And upon seeing them, I knew I wouldnt quite like the show.

 photo DCW2013SatyaPaulDemiCouture1_zps759b4036.jpg

This is one look she had posted before the show. While the black and white jacket is pretty cool and would look amazing worn separately, I fail to understand the point of these poofy tulle skirts.

 photo IMG_3483_zpsdf23695b.jpg

 photo DCW2013SatyaPaulDemiCouture_zps4ac75299.jpg

Also, since this show was sponsored by PC Jewelers, it included some heavy traditional jewellery, that added nothing to the looks, instead took away from the modern twist given to Indian Couture.
This ensemble would have worked better without the heavy jewellery.

 photo DCW2013SatyaPaulDemiCouture2_zps92bdfedc.jpg

Another look that could have benefited from some editing.

 photo IMG_3481_zpsf92e6ddd.jpg

I did not see the point of adding such heavy gold jewellery (apart from pleasing the sponsors) to looks which would have looked wonderful if styled in a minimal way.

 photo IMG_3473_zps9c95adab.jpg

This red sari with its embellished velvet blouse is a look from the 80s Satya Paul, which holds no relevance today!

 photo DCW2013SatyaPaulDemiCouture3_zps7076bcab.jpg

One poofy skirt I didnt have such a big problem with, since the lime gave it a nice contrast.

 photo DCW2013SatyaPaulDemiCouture4_zpsc83afa10.jpg

Anil Kapoor who recently walked at Bridal Week, also walked for Masaba, along with his Nephew, Arjun. While Delhi Times had quoted Masaba saying "you will see a lot of Sonam Kapoor at the show" a few days back, we saw none of her, but only her dad and cousin. I didn`t quite understand why they were there, apart from the apparent celeb attraction.

 photo IMG_3490_zps46e7d7f1.jpg

I MUCH preferred the body con dress Masaba wore, which has the same print as seen in the collection. Which is why I am of the opinion that Masaba and Satya Paul should not do print centric couture and stick to wearable garments! It gives a much better result!

What did YOU think of the Demi Couture Collection!?

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  1. Nice dresses I like it.

  2. yeah, the best thing about this collection is the dress masaba herself is is not so inspiring!!!!

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