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October 18, 2013

Deals Of The Week

I am a self confessed online shopping addict. Like, its getting really bad. So bad that i need to hide packages that come to the house, so that my mum doesnt find out I ordered something else, YET AGAIN.

One benefit to shopping online, specially international sites, whether its asos or even chinese/ korean sites is that if you are clever about it, firstly you can get quite a good deal and most of the times, not many people will have the same clothes as you do. Something which is really common these days with Zara and Forever 21 cropping up everywhere.

And its also really fun, scouring these online shops for deals and different stuff. It`s like a virtual sarojini nagar.

These are some really good deals on this week on my favourite online shops! You should definitely check them out and tell me what you lime or bought.

Oasap is having an amazing CLEARANCE SALE and you can click HERE for special discounts.

Want 15% off your first order? Click HERE

HERE is another coupon for 15% off!

YESSTYLE also has a huge sale going on! 60% off. Stock up on your winter wear!

HERE is where you can avail this offer
They`re also have a coupon for Halloween, get it HERE 

Hope you guys have fun with this!


  1. Hey, 1 question when you order from overseas, do you have any trouble with customs etc? Also, is ASOS still providing free shipping to India?

    1. keep the order below 50$ i would say and yeah asos is still doing free shipping :)

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  3. Hi there!
    your post inspired me to place an order on yes style asap..As my bad luck with international shopping sites would have it, it hasn't been delivered yet. :/
    Can I know how long did it take for a "standard shipping" shipped package from that site to reach Delhi?

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