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October 18, 2013

Deals Of The Week

I am a self confessed online shopping addict. Like, its getting really bad. So bad that i need to hide packages that come to the house, so that my mum doesnt find out I ordered something else, YET AGAIN.

One benefit to shopping online, specially international sites, whether its asos or even chinese/ korean sites is that if you are clever about it, firstly you can get quite a good deal and most of the times, not many people will have the same clothes as you do. Something which is really common these days with Zara and Forever 21 cropping up everywhere.

And its also really fun, scouring these online shops for deals and different stuff. It`s like a virtual sarojini nagar.

These are some really good deals on this week on my favourite online shops! You should definitely check them out and tell me what you lime or bought.

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Hope you guys have fun with this!

October 10, 2013

WIFW Masaba Spring Summer 2014

Indian Sportswear?

I was quite disappointed with Masaba`s recent collection. The prints were not string enough and didnt stand out.
Its obvious that 'sportswear' is a huge trend internationally, for S/S 14, but it`s very odd, when combined with ethnic indian wear. I respect the fact that she tried it. But the results were not very satisfying. After her lipsticks and fans, I expected a lot more.

 photo WIFWOctober_zps74e7ad13.jpg

Alia Bhatt opened the show, with Beyonce`s 'Run The World'. While the song was of course fierce, Alia Bhatt is not someone whom u associate with that word. Specially with her bubble gum neon platform sandals!

 photo IMG_3944_zps3eae3fc6.jpg
 photo IMG_3958_zps89a62831.jpg

Most of the stuff, including this body suit sari, is a cool concept and works editorially, but I don`t know how wearable it is, practically.
 photo WIFWOctober1_zpsd8f02212.jpg
 photo WIFWOctober3_zps912d2326.jpg

  I also didnt really understand the print on these drawstring pants.
 photo IMG_3947_zpse536233c.jpg

     Who do you think would be able to pull this Sporty Sari off?
 photo IMG_3972_zps2760123d.jpg

 photo IMG_3965_zps03bf61b1.jpg
 photo IMG_3979_zpsfa486c23.jpg

Were you also disappointed with Masaba`s print this time, or loved the sporty chic vibe!?
 photo WIFWOctober2_zps835df6b1.jpg

August 22, 2013

Just Another Day, Shopping In Chandni Chowk!

I am sure you all have heard about the treasure that chandni chowk is. Specially when it comes to 'replicas'. And I know once u hear the word 'copy' or 'replica' you do flinch a little,  and maybe shake your head.

But the way these guys do the sarees and lehengas, in whatever style - be it Sabyasachi Ritu Kumar or Manish Malhotra, its quite an Art. It doesnt LOOK cheap, nor like a replica.

Now I am not commenting on whether it should be done or not and the ethics of fashion, and how trends work, but its worth having a look!
But the annoying thing is that they WILL NOT let you take pictures! NOT ONE

Which is quite odd, since most of the shops are selling the same exact things, so I dont know why theyre so worried about getting 'copied'!! And the fact that they COPY themselves, I dont get where they get so paranoid about the whole thing.

I went to one such shop for a shoot once and that day they had no such instructions in place since there were cameras rolling ever where!

With Rina Dhaka And Shibani Dandekar shooting 'Style & The City'
You can see that the black saree on Shibani, is one Vidya Balan has worn in the past, and also they have a catalogue of celebs, and they HAVE these sarees. For under 10k 

I was in LOVE with this Rani Pink Gota Pati Lehnga.

I went recently to the same shop and I was banned from taking ANY pictures,I however sneaked in a few : )

I had gone with a friend of mine, whose getting married soon. This gota pati lehenga was the FIRST one they showed her. Such a good friend I AM, I ended up buying it for myself eventually! For 14K.

A beautiful 'Sabyasachi', available in many colours.

'Ritu Kumar' and my sneaky pictures!

Going to such shops, and seeing how they combine colours and put ensembles together is really something! And NOW I get why people have such elaborate weddings with many (unnecessary & wasteful) ceremonies! Its ALL about the clothessss!

 photo tumblr_ma1wwphn6c1rs2x68o6_250.gif
Reaction to the lovely stuff in Chandni Chowk.

Mehak from Peaches and Blush, has started an amaizng wedding website - and she too has posted about shopping in Chandni Chowk - Visit It Here !

August 08, 2013

Manish Malhotra Delhi Couture Week 2013

Bollywood Khichdi 

Manish Malhotra is the man behind bollywood fashion. Before him, there really was nothing CALLED bollywood fashion. So when you go for a show of his, you have to go see it with a pinch of salt and a lot of bling! Its expected and thats fine.

I have usually liked his bollywood designs in the past, full of colour and chamak but this time it just went all wrong. It was a total bollywood bling khichdi!

 photo DCSManishMalhotra2013_zps58ce49cf.jpg

There was too much happening in most looks. Velvet + lace + Net + zardozi.

 photo IMG_3732_zpsb41c295a.jpg

Ensembles that were plain either on top or on the skirt worked better.

 photo IMG_3761_zpsa1564acd.jpg

 photo DCSManishMalhotra20131_zps3d2cae5e.jpg

 photo DCSManishMalhotra20133_zps6c40ffc4.jpg

There are some pieces I quite liked in the whole collection. But all of them together were really overwhelming at the time of the show. Such as this red stripe embellished anarkali. I am able to appreciate it only now, that I look at the picture. During the show, it was completely lost in between then very heavy chamak dhamak pieces.

 photo IMG_3735_zpsc4bd9a54.jpg

Also I didnt get the use of so much velvet when its not a fabric which is very 'IN' these days. It gave me a very stuffy feeling somehow. I liked pieces without the velvet, as they were any way heavy, the use of velvet just weighed them down even more 

And some pieces were more Sabyasachi than Manish Malhotra, which is quite odd, given their cold rivalry

 photo IMG_3755_zps8d44c447.jpg

 photo IMG_3728_zpsaea5c0a6.jpg

 photo IMG_3736_zpsa864e231.jpg

This was probably my favourite piece in the show, with the Gujrati style sheer tunic, as it had some design element to it, other than just piling on one binged out fabric over the other.
Also the pale pink was a breath of fresh air after the heavy maroons and navy in velvet.

 photo IMG_3762_zps62c4bc36.jpg

Another problem I had with this show was that the aspects of the ensemble that should have been highlighted were not. All the anakali`s had these really pretty pants underneath them with zardozi work on the edge. But the looks were styled in such a way that they were hidden completely!!

Also Christian Louboutin had made all the shoes for this show, and they will be sold under a new line ' Christian Louboutin For Manish Malhotra' and these were some of the most gorgeous Loubs ever. Again not highlighted!

 photo DCSManishMalhotra20132_zpsf878c28f.jpg

I also quite liked the spanish bell sleeve he used, another design element rather than bling.

What was MORE amazing than the clothes was the RUNWAY. It was made like a Maharaja`s living room, with lovely sofa`s and chandeliers. The runway took the cake, while the clothes looked like tiered cake!

 photo IMG_3780_zps64c5b008.jpg

 photo IMG_3779_zps7bdb3950.jpg

 photo IMG_3709_zps9155177c.jpg

Were YOU awestruck by Manish Malhotra`s Couture line or overwhelmed?

 photo IMG_3773_zps9fb6e68a.jpg

August 03, 2013

Masaba For Satya Paul Demi Couture, Delhi Couture Week 2013

Mssaba has given some great shows in the past. Actually all her shows, including her latest lipstick (satya paul) and fan print (her own line) have been smashing hits.

So with great grief, I have to say that her demi couture line for Satya Paul was not that great! It seemed quite forced. I didnt see the point of the fashion house, which is best known for prints, doing something like couture. The result was a collection of really poofy tulle skirts and some ensembles that resembled a time when Masaba wasn`t their creative director. The whole 80s/90s vibe that Satya Paul wanted to move away from, peeked through.

Masaba had been posting some pictures, before the show. And upon seeing them, I knew I wouldnt quite like the show.

 photo DCW2013SatyaPaulDemiCouture1_zps759b4036.jpg

This is one look she had posted before the show. While the black and white jacket is pretty cool and would look amazing worn separately, I fail to understand the point of these poofy tulle skirts.

 photo IMG_3483_zpsdf23695b.jpg

 photo DCW2013SatyaPaulDemiCouture_zps4ac75299.jpg

Also, since this show was sponsored by PC Jewelers, it included some heavy traditional jewellery, that added nothing to the looks, instead took away from the modern twist given to Indian Couture.
This ensemble would have worked better without the heavy jewellery.

 photo DCW2013SatyaPaulDemiCouture2_zps92bdfedc.jpg

Another look that could have benefited from some editing.

 photo IMG_3481_zpsf92e6ddd.jpg

I did not see the point of adding such heavy gold jewellery (apart from pleasing the sponsors) to looks which would have looked wonderful if styled in a minimal way.

 photo IMG_3473_zps9c95adab.jpg

This red sari with its embellished velvet blouse is a look from the 80s Satya Paul, which holds no relevance today!

 photo DCW2013SatyaPaulDemiCouture3_zps7076bcab.jpg

One poofy skirt I didnt have such a big problem with, since the lime gave it a nice contrast.

 photo DCW2013SatyaPaulDemiCouture4_zpsc83afa10.jpg

Anil Kapoor who recently walked at Bridal Week, also walked for Masaba, along with his Nephew, Arjun. While Delhi Times had quoted Masaba saying "you will see a lot of Sonam Kapoor at the show" a few days back, we saw none of her, but only her dad and cousin. I didn`t quite understand why they were there, apart from the apparent celeb attraction.

 photo IMG_3490_zps46e7d7f1.jpg

I MUCH preferred the body con dress Masaba wore, which has the same print as seen in the collection. Which is why I am of the opinion that Masaba and Satya Paul should not do print centric couture and stick to wearable garments! It gives a much better result!

What did YOU think of the Demi Couture Collection!?

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July 17, 2013

Goa Style

Really funky lights

Very intricate nail art, done on the beach!

The spiciest prawns EVER!

Fake abercrombie flip flops

Flip Flop Heaven

Flea Market & Cartoon T Shirts


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